How do I plan for my wood fence installation?

Before deciding on the perfect style of wood fence you like, it’s best to start with some basics. If you’re unsure of your property boundaries, now would be a good time to consider getting a survey. If applicable, now is also a good time to become aware of any Homeowner Association (HOA) guidelines. Once you have these two variables covered, you can start thinking of the style of wood fence you prefer.

How much does a wood fence cost?

Wood fencing costs are influenced by two main factors: total footage of your project and the style of fence to be built. Projects with more footage and custom elements included in the installation will be more expensive than basic installations with less footage.

What is the process involved in hiring The Fence Guy of Louisville to complete my project?

Our first phone conversation will allow me to learn more about your project and allow us both an opportunity to determine if I would be a good fit. If so, I’ll set a time to visit and learn the details of your project and gather the information I need to work up a quote. I do all estimates on Mondays only.  I generally try to get quotes back to you the same day or the next day at the latest. If you accept the quote, we’ll go over the work agreement, collect the deposit and schedule a start date for your new wood fence.

When is the best time to schedule my wood fence installation?

The best time to have your wood fence installed is as soon as you need it. However, that may not coincide with my schedule. I do a low volume of projects each year to allow me to complete the projects to the impeccable standards I set. This means that I generally have a full calendar for the year by mid-summer. If you have flexibility, the best time to call is during the winter for a start date in early spring.

Does The Fence Guy of Louisville offer a warranty of any kind?

Of course he does. I warranty both labor and material for the first year and labor for an additional number of years.

Is The Fence Guy of Louisville insured?

Of course he is. Contact me, and I will be happy to give you my agent’s name so you can verify the policy.

Louisville has a lot of fence companies. Why should I hire The Fence Guy of Louisville?

Because you want the best. The variety of fence companies in Louisville usually ensures that people can find a company to meet their needs. For some, this will be price. For others, it will be quality. For most, it will be a combination of the two: value. In hiring The Fence Guy of Louisville, you are hiring me, Michael Watkins. I don’t subcontract any of my projects, and all of my projects are built with my hands.  From the first call to the completion of your project, I will be the only one you deal with. I take pride in my work ,and I like to think it shows in the photos you see on my website. If these things are important to you, I’m your guy.