Is A Wood Privacy Fence Right For Me?

The majority of the information I’m trying to include in these pages comes from questions I’ve been asked over the years.  When I really want to do a deep dive into various wood fence topics I talk with my dad, who taught me this trade, and has over thirty years of experience in building wood fences.  Turns out the old man knows a thing or two!

The title of this post comes from someone who asked this very question; “Is a wood fence right for me?”  Now keep in mind that I only build wood fences.  I enjoy working with the material and the good people of Louisville have kept me plenty busy with a variety of wood fence projects.  I want you to be aware of my natural tendency to favor wood over other types of fences as we start this discussion.  So let’s take a look at how I answered the question.


This is one of the first questions I start with when discussing wood fence options with potential clients.  Understanding the “why” behind a fence being built helps me recommend a certain approach.  If strength or customization of material is important then wood fencing may be a good choice as it scores high in these categories.   Having a clear understanding of the purpose of your fence will go a long way in determining if a wood fence is best for you.

Picket fences provide an open feel to an area


In terms of cost wood falls to the low end of the spectrum compared to other types of material.  The most economical material is going to be chain link.  Wood will be next with vinyl, composites, aluminum and wrought iron ranking on the high end of the scale.  Price is one factor influencing what type of material should be used in your project.  Having a clear understanding of the purpose of your fence will help deciding what material is best along with a better understanding of what will drive the cost of the project.


This is one of the objections I hear most often as to why wood isn’t a good option.  Some people like the look of a wood fence, but don’t like the maintenance involved in keeping it looking “good”.  It is true that keeping a fence looking like it did when it was originally built will take some time either in staining or painting.  This really comes down to whether you like the silver/gray color that all wood takes on when left outdoors that hasn’t been painted or stained.  I will go into other maintenance issues in future posts, but I want to address the color changes here as it one of he main reasons given for not liking wood.  If this is the case there are really only two solutions.  Preparing for the need to paint or stain on a semi-regular schedule or choosing a different material.  This is where a vinyl or a composite fence might be a better option than wood.  Personal preference is a big influencing factor and there really isn’t a right or wrong answer.

What Do You Find Visually Pleasing?

This one, I believe, wraps it up.  If you’ve considered the other factors above it really comes down to what you define as pleasing to look at.  To me wood evokes a warm and natural feeling.  However, you may enjoy the modern look of aluminum or composite material.  It really is a personal preference.

The purpose of this post is not to convince you that a wood fence is right for you, but to provide some things to consider while you are deciding on what kind of fence is best for you based on your wants and needs.  Many people who call me share with me the fact that they are considering two different options.  If you find yourself doing the same, I hope the information here helps you in your pursuit of finding the best fence for your needs.  If it happens to be a wood fence, well, I know a guy that would be happy to help you! 🙂

An inviting entry way