Artisan Wood Gates

Gates are not merely structures allowing entry and egress.  They do not exist simply to provide security for an area. True, gates can and do provide such solutions, but I want to discuss and imagine gates here as a threshold.  Allowing one to leave one space and enter another.

Arbor Gate

The gate I’m imagining here is one that lends itself to an overall landscaping theme.  A gate whos placement and purpose go beyond the utilitarian purpose mentioned above.  This gate announces ones movement from the world of the profane to the world of the sacred.  From the outward to the inward.  From distracted mental states to contemplative ones.  Our outdoor gardens wrap us in natures delight in every season.  A gate can add focus to ones entry to such an area either by a gate itself or perhaps an arbor.  It can be on the periphery of such a space or in its interior.

Trellis Gate

Where would you place such a gate? Why? What area of your garden do you want to symbolize the crossing over from one state to a deeper, more peaceful one? Does such a garden exist for you now or are you planning for one?


If you are searching for a beautiful arbor, gate, or privacy screen you have come to the right place.  The pictures you see here are gates and arbors built for other like minded clients that could see the transformative power that such structures add to a space.

Surrounding ourselves with beauty is part of our humanity.  Can I build something beautiful for that unique space you have in mind?  Contact me today and let’s design something special.