Project Spotlight: Picket Fence With an Arbor Gate

Occasionally I get a request for projects that are a little outside the “norm”. This could be a design feature, a specific challenge related to the project or really any number of other factors that make some projects more unique than others. From time to time I will showcase those projects in a series called Project Spotlight. Hope you enjoy!Last fall I had the pleasure of meeting a couple who recently moved to Louisville.  She always wanted a picket fence around her home and was now ready to make it happen.  As we discussed the details of the project she was curious as to whether we could add something to the gate.  An arbor seemed to fit the bill.  It allowed for a more defined entryway to the home, as well as creating a space to allow vining plants a place to grow as well as adding color.

After reviewing a few different arbor styles a specific design was selected and the project began.  I truly enjoyed building this, as I do most things that are different in character.  Below are the pictures of the project:



Update 7/1/2019

I received an updated photo from this client today.  She wanted to show me how it looked after they painted it and added some flowers.  Stunning! Was the first word that came to mind! What do you think?