Raised Garden Bed Border Fence

Many of the most enjoyable fences I’ve built have been additions to an existing garden or one that has been recently created.  Blending my workmanship and creativity with the love, time, and creative input of the client is a rewarding effort.  I’m using the term garden here to define a well manicured landscaped space that typically has a variety of shrubs, flowers, and vining plants.  Recently though I built a fence for a raised bed vegetable garden and wanted to share that project with you today.

Garden gate with arbor

The raised beds had already been built by the client, but they wanted something that would clearly define the space to include a garden gate with an arbor. This would be the main entry and focal point for this space.

Raised bed garden fence

We opted for a spaced picket style fence.  This would keep an open feel to the space while also creating an enclosure for the raised bed garden.  Adding scallop cuts to each section added a little more visual interest to a small space.


Garden Gate With An Arbor

The goal was to make the entry to the garden a focal point of this project we were able to center the entry with the layout of the walkway to the raised bed garden.  The gate matched the curves of the tops of fence panels and I added a curved header for the arbor to continue the theme.   The lattice work for the side panels will allow for vining plants in the future.

Garden gate entry

Every space is different and reflects the uniqueness of those living there.  If you have a space you are wanting to add a custom fence, garden gate, or arbor click that little email icon in the top right corner and let’s start a conversation.