Understanding Wood Fence Repair Costs

Like most things around and in our homes, a wood fence may need an occasional repair.  The cause of the repair could be anything from the age of the fence to storm damage.  It may even have been caused from another project going on around the home. The reasons vary, but they all require one thing; some kind of repair work.  In this post I’ll cover some of the factors that contribute to repair costs so you can better plan and be prepared for the costs of the repair work needed.

Before picture of repair work requiring post and panel replacement

Main cost drivers are labor, material, and disposal cost of the old fence material.  The more extensive a repair needed the more expensive the repair cost is likely to be. For example, a repair from a fallen tree limb that has damaged one fence panel is a far less expensive repair than one in which a car has run off the road, damaged several fence panels and broke the fence post off at the ground.  This repair requires much more time and material and thereby increases the associated costs. Keep in mind that even a simple repair like replacing a post can be more or less labor intensive and influence cost.  For example, a post that hasn’t rotted off at the ground is far easier to dig up than one that has or has been broken from some other cause of damage.  The repair is the same, replacing the post, but different amounts of labor are involved that influence the cost.

Although material, labor and disposal costs are the driving forces for determining how much a repair will cost, don’t forget that a mark-up has to be added to the total to capture overhead costs.

After repair completed. A mixture of new material and reusing old keeps costs contained.

In 2017 the range of repair projects I did ranged from $250-$2400.  On the low end were projects involving minor repairs. This could be replacing a post.  At the high end was a repair requiring multiple posts being replaced, replacing damaged 2x4s, and reattaching existing panels back to the new posts.  The existing fence was 450′ in size.  Repairing it was far less expensive than replacing, especially when it wasn’t on the list of priorities for home maintenance that year.

Having a better understanding of what factors are involved in repairing a wood fence will hopefully assist you anticipating and planning for any work that needs to be done.  If you have questions regarding your fence repair don’t hesitate to call me.  You can find my contact information below or in the top right hand corner.  Looking forward to speaking with you.