Scalloped & Arch Cut Wood Fencing

If you’re looking for something more than just a standard fence, adding a scallop or arch cut to your picket or privacy fence may be the right option for you. Scallop or arch cuts can add a completely different feel to the fence and don’t require additional materials, but they’re still a premium option that’s more affordable than a full custom build.

The Craft of Scalloped & Arch Cut Wood Fencing

Each builder brings a unique approach to his or her craft. Experience, philosophy of work, and general mindfulness to an activity impact the process that ultimately leads to an outcome. Each of my fences reflect my commitment to doing the best work. Being a small operation allows me to dedicate myself to the project at hand, focusing my energy toward craftsmanship I’m proud of and willing to stand behind – literally. What can I build for you?

The Fence Guy of Louisville services include basic installation, custom installations, and repair work on residential wood fencing.